Sometimes, however, we taste a piece of culinary art that we want to add to our repertoire of recipes to be able to make at home whenever we have the desire. It can be hard to find an authentic recipe that gets it just right, so we have that first-time experience every single time.



Nearly every culture on Earth has some form of cookie.

If you are anything like me, you want to expand your palate and try new things as often as you can. Savoring dishes from around the world is a great way to explore new flavors, textures, and spices that we might otherwise not be exposed to. We have the advantage of living in a land of such diversity that we do not have to leave home to satisfy those cravings.

I want to give you 101 amazing cookies from around the globe!

There are so many wonderfully delicious cookies from around the globe that you could spend a lifetime sampling and still never try them all. From traditional to decadent, you are bound to find something you fall in love with.

I especially like to come up with new ideas for holiday desserts so that the menu never becomes boring. I have my standard desserts for every holiday that guests expect to be available because they look forward to them, but I also incorporate new items every year.